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blue cohosh

I have a bottle that's never been opened of Blue Cohosh. Anyone interested in trading or purchasing for super cheap?
Hi folks! I have two items that I no longer have a purpose for and would like to trade.

ITEM 1 -- My brother bought me this mini tarot set when he was in dyer need of a reading about his love life. *rolls eyes and laughs* I've held onto it for quite some time, but I haven't used it since that one time in the coffee house attached to Barnes & Noble. All the cards are in great shape, as is the book. I do NOT have the fold-out mat to assist in arranging the cards, nor do I have the cardboard box that they came in. I think he paid maybe $10 for it.

ITEM 2 -- I picked up The Oracle Book: Answers to Life's Questions by Georgia Routsis Savas many moons ago for $15 at a New Age store in Canada. I've used it a few times, but I have other ways of doing divination work. The book is in very good condition, except the first page has a crease that just never went away.

What would I like to swap? Well, something simple, as neither items are grand and glamorous. Surprise me! I'm a Collyridian (Marian Worship), am currently learning herbalism, and am also a practicing Buddhist. =)

Will ship via USPS to United States address only. We each pay shipping on our own items.

Claim one, or claim both.


got any conjure? Or St. Expedite?

Hi everyone,
Having an early spring clean and want to pass these two statuettes on to someone who'll appreciate them, hopefully in exchange for some conjure/hoodoo items(s) and/or a Saint Expedite icon or statue.

The Anubis is solid resin and 9'' tall,
Ganesh is light-fired earthenware, quite fragile, 8'' tall.

I'm posting from the UK, but will consider swapping overseas if anyone has any decent hoodoo items ie. books/self-burning incense/powders/oils/chicken foot charm etc! Or the statue.

Let me know good folks:)

The Phoenix Feathers


I am currently looking for contributors for a new e-zine called The Phoenix Feathers. We are looking for people who would like to write about their chosen earth based religion and see it published on a new online community forum.

Do you enjoy writing? Are you Pagan? Are you Heathen? Are you Wiccan? Have you ever considered publishing your work? Do you attend a regular drum circle, or meditation circle? Do you have artwork that you would like to share with the community to gain exposure? Tell us about it!

We are looking for contributors who are willing to publish informative articles about their angels, guides, matrons, patrons, ritual formats, and experiences. We are also seeking people to do reviews of local drum circles, concerts, public rituals, festivals, etc.

All Submissions and Inquiries can be sent to


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Books books books!

Free to whomever would like them. Get one, get a few, get 'em all! All are paperbacks in very good to excellent condition. As they are claimed I'll strike 'em on through.


EDIT SUNDAY 6/8: All the books have been claimed! Thank you SO much!! I am wrapping them up today and hope to get them mailed out tomorrow, no later than Tuesday for sure. Thanks again, and happy reading, y'all!


Sphinx for Trade

I have a Sphinx statue for trade, it doubles as a tea-light candle holder.
I'm looking for Goddess figurines/statues. Or if not that, then offer what you've got.:)

*Each of us pays the S&H on our items.


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Looking for something specific:

I'm looking for this [same burner/offering bowl, better price], or something in similar style and metal. I tried to order one from Soma Luna, but their distributor stopped carrying it and now I'm annoyed. I tried e-mailing Capricorn's Lair to confirm if they have one in stock, and nobody's gotten back to me since Friday.

I am willing to trade for a painting, done especially for you of any one Deity you prefer — maximum 9"x12" canvas (the size my Hekate is in), if I am not familiar with the God you want (I know Greek, Roman, some Etruscan, and some Hindu [and I only know Hindu cos one of my best friends is]), please send me a description of who They are, what They're about, anything sacred to Them, and (if you have one) your favourite image of Them. Because I work with oils, and because oil paints take forever to dry, I will do what I can to accelerate the drying time, but let me warn any interested parties that to prevent discolouration, oil paintings *must* be varnished, and they can only be varnished when they have dried completely — after six months, minimum, drying time.

I am offering a painting for an offering bowl because I generally refuse to accept money for an image of a God/dess, and I really don't have anything else of similar value to trade.

Looking for a Balance Ball

Hi everyone!

Hope you're enjoying yourselves!

I was recently advised by my massage therapist that I need to work on my lower back muscles and abs for my chronic pain and she recommended a balance ball.

I was wondering if any of you had a medium sized balance ball laying around that you might be willing to trade for some Conjure Oils or something else. I also have a lot of other things so, let me know what you'd like to trade.

the balance ball looks like this...Collapse )