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Naked Witches,

Swap your wares here.

naked witches swap meet!
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All Members , Moderated
free/bartered/traded magickal goods

This is a companion community to pimp_my_altar where those of us who consider ourselves altar builders and finders can put up their treasures for free, or ask for something they've been looking for.

Some ideas for stuff to post: altar cloths, witchy-type clothing items, candles, perfumes, oils, herbs, incense, boxes, handmade goodies, statues, books, tarot decks, flower bulbs, ceramics, glass, cabinets, etc. Anything useful for altar decoration, really.

Here are the rules:

1. NO MONEY MAY BE EXCHANGED WHATSOEVER! None. Zip. Zilch. Everything is free, bartered or traded.

2. Everything is on a first come, first served basis with the poster having the final say on who gets the item.

3. Any expenses (postage, etc.) are the responsibility of the person offering the item.

4. Please put all images behind a cut and please include a description of the item.

5. Any personal information such as addresses or phone numbers must not be traded in the community. Please contact each other off list.

6. The mods can't guarantee anything - quality, follow through, safety, etc. Play at your
own risk and use the honor system.

7. This is gonna be a kick-ass community, so let's have fun!

You know you got a lot of stuff! Let's get it out there and get some new treasures.

love your mods,

apocalypso23 and danceswithfish